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Lil Wayne


Da Drought 3 (Disc 2)

The last song of the week is the outro track for Da Drought 3, featuring Lil Wayne giving thanks to his family, friends, business partners, his fans, and even shooting out a few R.I.P.s. Nearly ten minutes long and built upon the instrumental of Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without U”, this final track is about as sweet as Wayne gets (even though I would have loved to hear Wayne rap over the song); him shouting out to his grandmother and providing an update on the health of “Hip-Hop”. 

With that, this week of Lil Wayne coverage is coming to an end.

First off THANK YOU to Hendrik for not only giving me this opportunity, but also for improving my posts with minor edits.

I want to say thank you to all the people that have been reading along. I spent a lot of time planning out this week, figuring out what songs I wanted to post and what I wanted to say for each song, and it was kind of cool to witness the amount of “likes” and “reblogs” for some of Lil Wayne’s more out-there songs. I kind of skipped over classic Wayne hits like “A Milli” or “Stuntin Like My Daddy” and some of his better guest verses, but people seemed to enjoy this week anyway — I’m very appreciative for that.

I’m 20 and I have a hard time pointing to favorites in any art-form. I don’t think Lil Wayne even is my favorite rapper, but doing this week reminded me how much his music has always been there with me.

BYE & THANKS. You can follow my tumblr here and my random thoughts on music and being a 20-year-old on Twitter.

Paramore - “Where The Lines Overlap”

I can’t think of a better song to end the week with than this.

"No one is as lucky as us."

"I’ve got a feeling if I sang this loud enough
You would sing it back to me…”

And when you do sing it back to them, you realize that this isn’t just a song about how lucky they are to be in the band; it’s a song about how lucky we, as fans, are to be experiencing all this with them.

I’ve been blessed over the last six years to get to know these wonderful people better; to have them be a pretty big part of my life - but I’m not the only one. If you’ve ever listened to a Paramore song or been to a show or hung out at a M&G, this song is for you. Because Paramore’s lucky to have you as a fan - and we’re lucky to have them singing and playing the music that means so much to so many of us.

No one is as lucky as me - and for that, I’d like to thank Hendrik for letting me take over his blog for a week and torture everyone who comes here for insightful indie rock criticism. I’d like to thank Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor for their music, their passion for what they do and their friendship. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t thank Mark, Galea and Cristi for all their help and support over the years and over the past week…and their friendship as well.

There’s a lot I left out as I look back over the week (how did I not even mention the HUGE summer tour with No Doubt? Or the first time I heard brand new eyes?), but I think I told the story of this band and what they mean to me as well as I could tell it. 

Thanks most of all to all of you who have actually read these posts over the past week - especially the folks who reblogged or sent messages to me or contacted me through Twitter or some other way. Reading your stories about the band and your thoughts on what I’d written was inspiring and kept me going as I was writing all these posts. Stay in touch - via Twitter or Tumblr or however you want to contact me.

I’ve been blessed in my life in a lot of ways - and only some of them have to do with Paramore (hard as that is to believe after reading this week’s worth of posts, right?) But they’ve helped me realize just how blessed I am - and when, at a show in 2009, Josh decided to change the lyrics to “Where The Lines Overlap” to “no one is as lucky as Brent” - he was kidding around, but he was also more right than he knew.