Enthusiastic Fan Club FAQ

Q7 : Is Chris a good dancer and in what material does he dance?

It is safe to assume Chris is a fantastic dancer, although he does not show off in PSB videos and concerts very much. He began dancing to disco and hi-NRG music of the early 80s, and continues to dance happily at the hippest clubs in town. He can also be seen dancing on stage in the Performance video, doing a little twirl in WHIDTDT?, a little move in WEG when Neil’s running infront of him and instead of just running to catch-up, he does a little run/dance step combo. And he moves his body a little in DD when he’s the DJ, but he’s just groovin. Also check videos for HCYETBTS, LTMOD, and IWNDTKOT, but he mostly just jumps around a bit.

OF COURSE he is a fantastic dancer. I mean how could you even ask that.

I love early web-era fan enthusiasm, maybe because in the nineties I was really into researching bands on the internet and also making hilarious assumptions about my favorite musicians.  (They would be really great in bed!  And cook well!  And wear awesome pants outside of photo shoots!  And be smart and funny and nice and conversant about the French cinema of yesterday and today!  Etc.)

In any case, the Introspective FAQ can answer many, many questions you may have about the Pet Shop Boys, at least questions you may have that pertain to the last millennium.