Posting Schedule

Hi there.  My name is Matthew and I am here this week to talk to you about the Pet Shop Boys.  The idea of One Week One Band is to talk about one song a day—I know that, I honestly do—but I made the rather silly decision to choose a duo who have released ten albums and roughly fifty singles over the course of twenty-seven years.  This makes choosing which songs to write about hard, obviously, and as I like so very many Pet Shop Boys singles (and album tracks, and remixes, and b-sides…) I’m sort of regretting not writing about Elastica.

But here’s my plan:  one long post about one of my favorite singles each morning; one shorter post about another of my favorite singles in the afternoon; one supplementary post in-between (ie. this one); and at the end of the day a list, because I like lists and I like making lists.