Teen Creeps


No Age



No Age - “Teen Creeps”

Whenever I listen to this song, a specific image enters my mind. It’s one of a sunny day in the suburbs, and there’s a trio of kids pedaling like hell through the streets. The kids are moving as fast as they can, away from something. Maybe a gang of bullies. Maybe a security guard who caught them lighting firecrackers in the grocery store parking lot. “Teen Creeps”— and most of Nouns, really— evokes a feeling of teenage suburban malaise, like there is this unknown, masked entity coming to eradicate the punk kids and adolescent outcasts.

"This town will take you kissing trees," sings Spunt over the pounding, driving music of the track. "Before you see the forest bleed." It becomes apparent that just like the titular teen creeps up the block, the suburbs themselves are out to get you. "I hate you more, I hate this place." I’m sure nearly everyone who has lived in the suburbs has felt this way at some point, the mounting disdain one grows for the faceless, hollow McMansions sprouting all over where they grew up. We’re all looking for a bit of escapism, but "Teen Creeps" is not it. It’s the long, hard look around that makes you desperate to leave the miserably vanilla middle-class life and inhabit a place with actual substance.