Here’s a clip of The Replacements doing “I Hate Music” in one of Youtube’s finest gems: a professionally recorded concert from 1981 at Minneapolis’ storied 7th Avenue venue, in which everyone in the band seems mostly sober! There’s plenty to love, from the way Westerberg grins as he sings “Tommy said so” (:30) to the way Bob and Tommy synchronize on stage.

By the way, it bears repeating that Tommy Stinson was fifteen years old and already one-half of a brutally efficient rhythm section. (Obviously, he’d dropped out of school.) What the hell were you doing at that age? Some fans would come just to see him play, as he brought a particularly insouciant quality to their stage dynamic. Chris Mars is hunched over his drum set, keeping the band tight (and tightness in a punk band cannot be underestimated), while Bob chimes in with his typically white-hot guitar solo. If yesterday’s SNL clip was the band trying to hold it together in spite of their drunknness, this clip is them at peak form.

Other highlights of the show:

- Kids Don’t Follow

- Customer/Rattlesnake

- Takin’ A Ride/Staples In Her Stomach/Careless