St. Vincent - Dig a Pony (live Beatles cover)

I’m not sure where this post thematically fits in the progression of my relationship with St. Vincent, so I’m just going to post it now. I wanted to talk a little bit about St. Vincent’s covers. From the onset of her solo career, it was clear that Annie Clark had a good sense of humor: after all, she named her debut album after a line from Arrested Development. She’s always approached her live covers with the same sense of humor.

I’m convinced St. Vincent covers “Dig a Pony”, one of the most under-appreciated Beatles songs, just to show off her guitar chops. Alas, she starts off with “The Star-Spangled Banner”, which some famous guitar player performed at one point in time. 


During this past tour, Annie and her band covered The Pop Group’s classic “She Is Beyond Good and Evil”. Annie introduced the cover with a hilarious anecdote:

Through Twitter, the lead singer of The Pop Group, Mark Stewart, contacted Annie and asked if he could join them on stage during a stop in England. Annie was humbled and accepted Stewart’s offer. After the show, Stewart gave Annie a gift: a Sid Vicious-shaped dish scrubber, or Sid Dishes. According to Annie, Stewart then grumbled something along the lines of, “This is what punk’s become.”

Here is St. Vincent covering the song on Fallon.


Before playing “Cheerleader” on Conan in January, Annie referenced Elvis Costello’s infamous 1977 SNL performance, in which he and his band started to play “Less Than Zero”, before Costello stopped the band and stated, “There’s no reason for us to play that song.” Elvis then launched into “Radio Radio”. Annie, on the other hand, started playing “Radio Radio”, did the same exact thing Costello did, and then played “Cheerleader”. Whether the audience or even Conan himself got the joke is questionable, but the move was certainly very tongue-in-cheek.