How much different can Mindflayer be from Black Pus? Both are drums and electronics and vocals. With Matt Brinkman (remember Fort Thunder?) there is heightened difference.

If Black Pus is a meditating and dancing party then Mindflayer is a full-blown rave. Don’t forget the geekdom though; the band’s name is taken from a Dungeons and Dragons character, also known as Illithids. High-fantasy and wild lasers in a deep cavern and this may sound terrible to you. Give it a chance.

The difference in Mindflayer is Brinkman’s haphazard electronics. A box of some sort containing wires, buttons, and plugs, which are touched, poked, prodded into life. The results? Something kind of like dubstep, American dubstep with its penchant to annoy, the bass is too loud and too present, there is some build up, the song does change but you lament because all anyone cares about is the bass drop. Mindflayer is electronic bass frequencies and drums. It’s like a sawmill you can dance to you.

When it does change it follows in the footsteps of the 1980’s with B-Boy beats and breaks – surprised? So am I, I forgot this sound, both hypnotic and challenging. You can’t drop into this, it drops into you, you can’t fight the beat. Again, dance worthy and since Brinkman somehow calmed Chippendale down into playing repetitious accompaniment the song actually works.

Chippendale finally settles into a support role where he can do that Pussian sing and bang style of playing. There is a chance that the party may go on. You may not be repulsed by broken computer sounds – even if it churns out everyone’s favorite omnipresent bass grooves – the distortion is held off for sometime, they drop into something and jam on it. What else do Americans want these days than this? Our countrymen want something to dance to, something that will help them forget their worries, Mindflayer can help them forget, right before they amp up the high frequencies and break form.

I think a live show will convey these thoughts better.