Last Flowers (Till The Hospital) [Live From the Basement]

You can offer me escape

"Last Flowers Till The Hospital", whether it’s fact or fiction, a lover addressed or an errant friend, has the discomfiting feeling of being way too close. You’re suddenly in a confrontation with a formidably intense person that you know very well and two shockers have come into play: a) they’re trying to keep their cool for once and b) this is because they blame themselves mostly and see you as part of the solution. 

The interesting thing about this vignette is that you, the person being addressed, don’t want to run away. You love this jerk. Yes, they’re kind of a nightmare but they’re your nightmare and not much of one at that, not at heart. Just a street to avoid at a certain hour and you know the exact times. Nevertheless, it comes as a surprise to hear them admit their faults and needs. So you sit down, and try to listen like they ask. The tiny piano plinks staccato as underneath the grievances but then everything goes airy at the mention of you and relief. Release? A very late night plea/early morning plea for understanding and acceptance.

Creep, the sequel? Not really but I like to think of it that way. Let’s say that particular (when) you (were here before) and (couldn’t look) me (in the eye) got together and stayed together, working out their tangles on the regular and giving the hairy eyeball to the idealized long term couple narrative.