Weezer - My Name Is Jonas

You know what this song is, besides perfect? It’s my secret weapon.

It’s one of those songs where, after hearing just a fraction of a second of its beginning, you instantly recognize it. And despite the Blue Album’s ability to be replayed over and over and over again without it feeling even the tiniest bit repetitive or tired, hearing just the first second of “My Name Is Jonas” will fill you with pure, 100% unfiltered happiness—even more so if you haven’t heard it in a long time. This song is like magic.

I went to the beach with a few friends last weekend, and as we sat in traffic on the way there, whatever was playing on the radio convinced us we should just play something off one of our iPods. As soon as “My Name Is Jonas” began to pump out of the car’s speakers, I heard a loud shriek from the backseat: “Oh my god, yes!” Every face was smiling, and within a few seconds, singing. I’m telling you, it works every time. You simply cannot go wrong with this song or this album on the way to the beach, or at a party, or anywhere. Everyone loves the Blue Album. And if you know someone who doesn’t, then you should probably ask yourself why you’re going to the beach or going to a party with them.

Side note: I have two more posts lined up: one final piece about the Blue Album, Rivers Cuomo, and Weezer in general; and another about the best song Weezer’s ever made. So until then, go and listen to the Blue Album. Doctor’s orders.