Weezer - Tired Of Sex

Rivers wrote “Tired of Sex” before the Blue Album made him famous, and yet it’s inclusion on Pinkerton—especially as the opening track—makes perfect sense. Pinkerton’s first song made it loud and clear that Weezer wasn’t going to finish where they left off at the end of the Blue Album.

This isn’t music you’ll want to play at the beach.

Pinkerton, and “Tired of Sex” in particular, sounds like a reaction to the havoc brought to Rivers’ psyche after the Blue Album catapulted the band to success. You can hear it in his voice; it’s scratchy and upset, and he’s begging to be heard. And that never really goes away throughout the rest of the album. Right off the bat, Rivers is disgusted with himself:

I’m tired, so tired, I’m tired of having sex
I’m spread so thin, I don’t know who I am

It’s especially interesting how Rivers writes “I don’t know who I am”, when, in each of the following nine songs, he tells us more about himself than we could’ve possibly asked for—whether that’s his honesty in telling us about his romantic pursuits (falling in love with a lesbian, and admitting that “everyone’s a little queer, why can’t she be a little straight?”), or his loneliness, or his evident bouts of depression.

Pinkerton overflows with emotion. It’s honest and it’s poetic and it’s dark, and it’s not an album we can or should expect Rivers Cuomo to recreate. An album like Pinkerton only happens once.