Weezer - Island In The Sun

When we refer to “old Weezer”, we usually mean the Blue Album, which just celebrated its 18th birthday. And yet, it’s easy to forget that the Green Album was released over a decade ago, and that more time has elapsed now between the release of the Blue and Green Albums than between the release of the Green Album and Weezer’s latest record.

After going into hiding for five years following the release of Pinkerton, Weezer emerged with a new pop album that rightfully upset their earliest fans, and it signaled a new direction that Weezer’s yet to veer too far away from. Not even a five year hiatus was enough for Rivers to write another emotionally devastating album like Pinkerton, but with Green, he made it clear that he still loved music, and he wanted his music to be fun again.

"Island In The Sun" is a pop music masterpiece. I listen to it and am reminded of growing up in Orange County, blasting this song with the windows down, not caring one little bit that it’s not Pinkerton.