Weezer - Keep Fishin’

David Letterman trying to say “Weezer” is hilarious; it’s as if—as he’s saying their name—he’s wondering why in the world anyone would ever name their rock band something so silly. This live performance of “Keep Fishin’” is even better than the album version. There’s less emphasis on the drums and more on the wonderfully catchy guitar solo in the beginning, and because performing live often means stripping a lot of the original studio production value, this song comes across as a lot more raw.

Maladroit is an album that borders on Weezer trying to be new, and Weezer trying to replicate their old selves. It’s a blurry line, but several of the tracks off it—“Dope Nose”, “Keep Fishin’”, “Slob”, “Burndt Jamb”, “Fall Together”—are great roll-down-the-window-and-enjoy-the-ride songs. Maladroit as a whole isn’t entirely memorable, but it’s one of Weezer’s finer efforts, and like the Green Album (and unlike any other Weezer record post-Pinkerton), there’s not a single throwaway track on it.