Weezer - The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World (Here’s the Spotify link for higher quality)

Raditude may be my least favorite Weezer album, but “The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World” is one of my favorite post-Pinkerton songs. Written in 1997 and originally included in Rivers’ second solo album, Alone II, Weezer finally gave it some polish and released it with Raditude as a bonus song on the deluxe edition of the album. The new version is a diligent cover of Rivers’ original recording, with his electric guitar repeating itself throughout the song in an arresting, fist pumping kind of way. The “old Weezer” sound fans are so often dreaming about is totally dependent on Rivers’ songwriting abilities, because this song is proof that Weezer can still make a great tune.