The song, which is about having sex in a car, received positive reviews from critics." — Oh Wikipedia, never change.

A brief diversion into the world of POP! Elastica’s US label Geffen managed to wangle Spike Jonze to direct the video to “Car Song”, which is a bit of a departure compared to the rest of Elastica’s promos.

The band are indeed in a car for most of it, having been transported to Japan where they are hunting a CGI ghost. I sincerely hope for Elastica’s sake that the rubbishness of said CGI ghost is an intentional satire of something or other. You may also have noticed that Annie is nowhere to be seen, having already buggered off back to Brighton in disgust at red PVC and the universe in general.

(For maximum LOLs skip to 2 minutes in to see the gang taking on a 6 inch high plastic Godzilla.)

I wasn’t even aware of this video until a couple of years ago as Deceptive didn’t release “Car Song” as a single here in the UK (we’d already had four singles so fair enough). In fact Deceptive were in a bit of a fluster after Steve Lamacq quit (so he wouldn’t be accused of ‘bias’ in his Radio 1 job — surely that never hurt Tony Wilson?). The best we got from them subsequently were odd singles from Idlewild and Angelica, the first Earl Brutus album and of course “Eat My Goal" by Collapsed Lung — which I bought on CD single instead of Baddiel & Skinner’s "Three Lions". PRIORITIES.