Patrick Wolf - Hard Times [Dir. Ace Norton]

If the overall title ‘Battle’ didn’t clue you in, ‘Hard Times’ (lyrics) makes it fairly clear that Patrick has some weightier thoughts on the brain this time around, and his tour of America during The Magic Position resulted in some passionate opinions about the country and its politics. In under four minutes, Patrick manages to condemn hyperpartisanship, television, media oversaturation, the championing of mediocrity, religious extremism, and the intersection of religion and politics in the service of warmongering, all while repeatedly calling for revolution.

Lyrically, it’s like ‘The Libertine’ but more explicitly political. Musically, a lovely trilling violin riff laid overtop of a chugging guitar riff drives ‘Hard Times’ Electric guitar! In a Patrick Wolf song! Notable enough that the cover of the single prominently features the instrument!

As for the video, remember how the description of that Björk remix said that Patrick had been possessed by Klaus Nomi? Well, it happened again. The video is one of those continuous-shot videos with a bunch of people meticulously coordinating the timing of their actions, but in this case the people are all covered in glow-in-the-dark makeup.

If you’re unfamiliar with Klaus Nomi, he’s not quite as delightfully weird as Minty, but he’s pretty close: