Strange Angels


Laurie Anderson


Strange Angels

"Strange Angels":

the first song, and title track, from Laurie Anderson’s fourth album.

Let’s not waste too much space on bean-counting for this one. She opens the album with her first ever true-blood, genuine pop ballad, and she up and kills it, without sacrificing one iota of what makes her who she is.

Here is where I reveal a secret about why this week has been so easy for me to write, and an economical way of saying what I’ve already said: if you’re open to tuning into her frequency, all of Laurie Anderson’s music and words speak for themselves. For all these posts, I’ve only been regurgitating broad facts, and then echoing a small fraction of whatever content is already clearly there. 

Quite sincerely, though I hope I have done her work some justice through conveying that percentage, the act of reading these writings pales in comparison to listening to her records or witnessing her performances. Trust me. Go find all five of the aforementioned releases, at least, then go see if she’s appearing in your town and buy a ticket. There’s no other way for me to say it.

One more post for tomorrow, just to really wrap things up in her spirit.